Thursday, July 31, 2014

June Phone Pics!

Snuggling with Daddy during his nap!
Love movie days in the bed!
He loves to try on Daddy's shoes, especially his work boots!
Big boy hair cut! He's thrilled;)
Happy Anniversary to me! My new "B" necklace to match my "G" :) Best hubby!!
Anniversary dinner!
Then we proceeded to roam Whole Foods before our late movie... geez we're old! Wouldn't have it any other way! Happy 4 Years babe!!
We purchased some kinetic sand and he played with it for hours!
Fun @ McVay Park!
Can't make a trip to the park without feeding the ducks!

Usually how he ends up on the way home from Nonna & Pop's!
A friend he met at the park! His last name was Clark too, so Grayson called him Clark! They were buddies!
Seeing what's going on in the neighborhood after nap...
A Father's Day treat for Dad... Cheers!
He loves Daddy's cooking! Especially his chicken wings!
Love getting these daily reports when I pick him up from school... "Very talkative, I love it!" :) Ha!
Sprinkler Park fun!
The guns that shoot water is his favorite thing to do!

Ready for a picnic!
Fruit snack lover!
Fill er' up!!
Kickball game with his best buddy, Ben!
Sweet boys! I have a feeling they will be good buddies for a long time!
After school ice cream... nom nom!

My lil' Jeter! I love baseball, I hope he loves it too!
Mom-n-Gray selfie, ha!
Gray & his girlfriend, Ley Ley!!
Playing hard to get already!
Group hug!!
Sweet Johnny! Love that smile!
Haha! This makes me laugh!
June also held a BIG milestone! Somebody got potty trained! Woooo hooo! I'm so proud of him! Here he is showing of his big boy undies!
Sleepy head:)~
Fun @ Cameron's birthday party!
He sure loves horses!
& Pigs! Haha this one was quite large!
Blowing his choo choo whistle with Graham on the choo choo!
Testing out his new goggles! My little scuba steve!!

Swimming at the YMCA!
Topped off with another Jerry's date;) {addicted}


That's a wrap! hehe!
One minute I was scratching his back, the next minute this... angel baby!
Helping me with my quiet time, ha! Not much quiet about them these days! 
I think he was more productive than me:)
We love the Children's Museum!
Getting his milk on!
Dance off with his boy, Ben!
Boys & their fire trucks...
Driving the airplane! They thought they were big stuff!
Lunch date with Mommy!
Followed by a Whimsy Cookie Treat! Great day :)

Yep, great day! ;)
Rockin' out!!
In his new "cray" shirt from my friend Brandi!
No better way to watch the rain pass than a donut date at Gibson's!
Another huge milestone... BIG BOY BED! Woohoo! We did add a rail before he slept in it... no worries ;)
He was excited to say the least!
I was so nervous because he wanted nothing to do with the idea of it and had a major meltdown when we took his crib down. But once it was up and he saw how cool it was we were smooth sailing! Thank goodness!!
His first night in his big boy bed... I'd say he's pretty comfy!
Pin wheels from Super Lo~ just for our Bibbie!
Pool dayz... Scuba Johnny!
Not diggin' it! haha!
Little Lovebirds!
His new flippers!
They love their Papa!!
Grayson's turn... Pop purchased him an entire scuba outfit and gear! Haha! Lookout!!

Proud Pop!
He swam so good in it!
Selfies with my baby! hehe! We were cracking up! Oh how I love these fun memories with you buddy!!!

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