Friday, July 25, 2014

Little Big Town & Chef G!

A group of us got a table at Live at the Garden to see Little Big Town (Thanks BJ!!) It was so much fun and I would definitely say having a table is the way to go!
Here is my little cheese plate spread! Since everyone else got to have nice cold beverages, I had to make sure there were some munchies:)
My stud of a date!
Ashley & Kacey~
The soon to be Youngs!!
Kacey & her beau, John.
BJ & his sweet date, his Momma!
Me & my lover!! Date nights are always a special treat!
 Jammin' out! Such a great concert!!
The next night Chef G was our entertainment:)
He loves to cook!!
And EAT:)~
Momma's pineapple pizza!
Daddy's pepperoni pizza! {& cracking up because he wouldn't quit eating all the ingredients! haha!)
Mmm these pineapples are good too;)
I'm a lucky woman... both of these boys can cook!!

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