Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nashville Road Trip!

Thanks to my wonderful father in law & his friend, our computer is back in action! I'm so excited! Get ready for blog overload;)
Chris had to go to Nashville to train one week for work, so we decided to tag along. It was a nice little getaway with the fam and Grayson had a blast!

Thank goodness for DVD players and naps. I think 3 hours is his road trip limit for now, haha!

The view from our room. Needless to say Gray woke up every morning a little excited :-)
Checking out the hotel...

When we got in, we headed to a place in walking distance called 'The Row'. It had a stage and Grayson was our main event!

He was lovin' it! I see many stage appearances in his future;) kid loves music!!

Off to the pool with scuba Steve!!
He could jump in, get out and do it all over again 200 times!!

He's not one bit afraid of the water... scares this Momma to death!

So relaxing... pretty view of the city with my babies!

Off to Sliders for some Golden Tee with Daddy!
Good morning!!

Starting our morning with pop tarts. I didn't realize he had never had one... he enjoyed it to say the least!

Then off to the pool! Sunscreen first :)

Love my little buddy!!

A cupcake pit stop for us & the hardworking boys!

We decided on a little Mexican for lunch... I loved just roaming the little area of Nashville we were in with my Gray!
Cheese dip...
& push ups! What more could ya ask for?!

Then off to the hotel for some r&r...

I told Grayson we had to wait until after nap for our cupcake, so of course the second he woke up a cupcake was requested!

This picture has quite a story behind it. Grayson was allergic or irritated by something in our hotel room. Hence why we are eating on the balcony. Everytime we were in there he was sneezing and coughing then was totally fine once we went outside or left the hotel room. We changed feather pillows and almost changed rooms and actually left a day early because of this. I think it must have been something in the vents which is a little scary. So my little boy was miserable every night however we made the best of it during the day and had a blast! I think we might have to be a little high maintenance next trip :-)

Giving Daddy his favorite, peanut butter, cupcake we got him while he was working!

Off to Broadway for some Nashville fun!!
Shenanigans while we waited for the shuttle.
He thought he was big stuff not having to ride in a car seat! He loooved riding on the "bus"!
My first time to really explore Nashville... it sure is an awesome city!
Ready for some country music with Diddy!

He wasn't so sure about this huge bear and still talks about it to this day, haha! I had to tell him 9 million times it wasn't real:)

We spotted a candy store and someone was in HeAvEn!!!
Of course out of all the candy he wanted suckers, his favorite!
I got my suckers and I'm good!
My love bugs.
Daddy was doubt fistin' ritas so Gray got to double fist too! hehe!
Chris & his friend, Jonathan, from work.

And me & my virgin daiquiri :)~
Chillin' on the steps @ Margaritaville!
Little poser!!
Somebody heard a band playing from the street and had to drop in...
Next thing we know he was the entertainment...
Even made a stage appearance! Ha! He was in his element!!
As we were walking down the street I did a double take and knew I recognized these faces... the Swon Brothers from The Voice! It was so cool! Grayson was not amused, but I had to get a pic!!
It rained the next day so we entertained ourselves by going on a puddle hunt and splashing in all of them :) Boys will be boys!!
Our last night before dinner!
He sure loves his Daddy and all the crazy things they do together!
Like "free fall" on to the bed! Geez, having a boy sure has changed this worry wart!

Critty & Critty J ;)

Keeping this crazy cat entertained at dinner!
He sure loved "G"... we have no idea why he named him this... his name is Jonathan but he just kept calling him G, haha! 

We had to make it a true road trip and eat at Cracker Barrel. It was Grayson's first time at one and he just loved all the candy as you walked in! I had to make him eat before the treats... he was a little overwhelmed!
He passed out as we pulled down our street and it made for a perfect nap back at Home Sweet Home! ;)

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