Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~May Phone Pictures~

A glimpse of our month of May through phone pics!
Checking out the hamsters at the pet store!
& the birdies too!
On to Shelby Farms park for some rock climbing! I remember last year he could barely do anything at this park... he was conquering it all this year!!

My lil' adventurer;)
A day is not complete without some Jerry's Sno Cones!
I think he loves it as much as me;)
Helping Pop wash his play car!
I can just see him cruising around in this thing in about 13 years.... oh lawdy!
Pool Fun with our Ley Ley!
Sweet little Johnny full of smiles:)~
Lil' Country & Lil' Red doing some grillin'!
Nom nom nom!
A day of school is never complete without an ice cream stop!
Popsicles @ the Park! Love these days with my buddy!
Usually the end result;)
Our attempt at flying an inflatable kite...
not so successful, but very funny to watch! hehe!
I just couldn't resist;)
We decided to have a fun day at my work before we went on our out of town/swim lesson leave! Gibson's & Frozen = Happiness!
Sharing his donuts!

Only eating the icing, haha!
Giving me & Beckham a little check up! Melt me.
More dates with Ley Ley... we just can't get enough!
Of this little fella either!!
Cheers! Let them be kids!!
So what if it's an arranged marriage?! ;) hehe!
They are so cute together and just love each other to pieces!
Good ole' hose water!

Buckets & some water are quite the entertainment.
This one loves making pizza with his Daddy! He always tells Daddy he's a "good cooker". I have to agree myself!!
Corn dogs @ BBQ Fest!
Bubble Bliss!!!!~

Just doin' his thang @ Memphis in May! :)
We, well Mommy ;), might have had a craving for a chocolate chip cookie! We did it right and made a Martha Stewart skillet cookie... DiViNe!
Kid loves his sketti!!
& his Daddy's chicken wings!

Posing before his first day of swim lessons! He did so good, I was so proud of him!!
This little boy is so giggly in the swing and always says "Buzz Light-year to the rescue!!!"
Checking out the Lichterman Nature center!
He had so much fun! He is such a little nature boy, but Mommy kept spotting things/bugs/ivy I wasn't sure about and bolted, ha! {This stick is still in our backyard... he loves his sticks!}
We all scream for ice cream!
Little stinker using this as a waterfall after I watered my flowers!
Eating some "candy cheerios" a.k.a. fruit loops, ha!!
At Ashlee & Robert's gender revealment playing with the big boys!
Taking this "little kid" as he called him down. Mr. Gray man better watch out!
It's a girl! So happy for the Webbs & Beckham's future girlfriend... they will be about a month apart!
Swim dayz @ the Y!

Surprising Nonna on her last day of school with silly string!
Helping Pop patty hamburgers... he's the best helper in the kitchen!
A special little breakfast for my littlest love!!
He was proud:)
A little 26 week comparison!
My puzzle lover and his Daddio!
I think this was day 3 of rain & we were over it so we said why not hit the park in our swim suit! Who cares!?
Not this guy!!
Pop swinging him higher!
Not tired at all;)
A little surprise for completing 2 weeks of swim lessons! I love my little fearless fish!
Ley Ley graduated swim lessons too, so we had to celebrate with our signature Chik-Fil-A date!
sweet bug!
Loves his Paw Patrol!
Blessed Mommy!! Love him so!
Gray & "his Ben"... they are both all boy and have some crazy fun together!
Two peas in a pod!
Life sure has changed for these Daddies! Eating dinner with their boys watching Mickey Mouse!

Can't wait for some blackmail one day! Hehe!! ;)

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