Friday, October 10, 2014

~Beckham Smith Clark~

Beckham Smith arrived Friday, September 5th at 11:57 a.m. He weighed 7 lbs, 14 oz and was 21 3/4 inches. We are so so sooo in love with this little bundle of JoY!! Here's a little insight on the day we brought him into this world...
We checked into the hospital Thursday night for induction. They were supposed to start my Cervidil that night, but due to some new rule that you have to be 40 weeks (I would have been Sunday) they couldn't do it. Chris & I were a little perturbed because no one told us this. I was a little frustrated with my nurse because she then proceeded to tell me if my body wasn't ready the induction might not work and my doctor could send me home as "failed labor". I had that on my mind all night because my doctor wasn't the one on call, but nerves were calmed when they started my Pitocin at 4 a.m. and I immediately started to go into labor. Whew!
Contractions started kicking in around 7 a.m. and my doctor came in and broke my water about 9 a.m. As soon as she got there I told her what had happened with the Cervidil and she said that's okay it might just be a long day for me. However, as she checked me I was already 3 cm and she said nevermind ;)
This labor was going very similar to Grayson's. I went very fast with Grayson and surprised my doctors and all the nurses, so this time I was prepared to have him quick. I  waited way too long to get my epidural with Gray and swore I would not put myself through that again this time. After she broke my water and I felt the contractions come on quick, I immediately got my epidural. That was probably the worst part of the entire day. The lady could not get it in right and did it three dadgum times. It HURT SOO BAD!! Every time I thought she was in and she would say "O, I'm so sorry I gotta try again!" I couldn't believe it and was about to die. Finally 3rd times a charm, she got it in and quickly left because I was about to lose it.  After that, the nurse came in and checked me about 10 a.m. and I had progressed 3 cm in an hour... I was now 6 cm. The nurse said she would be back in an hour to check me... I then proceeded to tell her how fast my first labor went and she said ok, I'll be back in 30! When she returned I was already 8 cm and she goes ok you're going to have this baby by noon... I'm going to go ahead and call your doctor! A little nerve racking they wait until the last minute to call doc because at that moment I immediately felt something different and I knew that baby was coming!!! My doctor arrived at 11 something and we immediately started pushing! I had to push quite a few times because I had just pushed the button for more epidural which made me totally numb and I was not much help. About 3 sets of pushes in I started to feel my legs again and was a lot more help. A few times later and she said "Well I see a head full of dark hair!!" I was like are you serious?! We still aren't sure where that came from! I got so excited I pushed as hard as I could and then...
My baby was here!!!
There's that dark headed boy!! ;)

Most of the time I hate to hear a baby cry, but it's the best feeling hearing them scream as you sit and wait in that room. Just knowing they are breathing and okay is such a good feeling.
They predicted him to be bigger than Grayson and they were right! Quite a chunker compared to my little 6lb 5 oz G baby!

One smitten daddy ;)
Looking at Momma! The best feeling ever!
We did it!!
Big Brother immediately came to the hospital! It was love at first sight for sure!
He was so proud and just kept "petting" him ;)
Giving him his "Monkey B" build-a-bear he made for him! So sweet!
Smooches :)~

Time for big bro's present from Beckham!
This was so fun to do and got Grayson really excited to go to the "good hospital".

He kept saying where's my present from baby Beckham;) He sure loved it!

His Nonna!

God sure is good...

 <3 <3 <3
I think we've got enough men in the fam for a golf tourney now! ;) Or at least I bet that's what Pop is thinking right here...
His Papa!
& Bic Bic!
He just couldn't get enough & still can't to this day!
& His Pop... he sure is loved!
My first little smirk ;)
One of the first times opening his eyes...
Meg Meg & Dave came for a visit too!
Such a natural ;)
Daddy changed the first diaper all on his own without even asking! I was proud :)
Those first few dirties are oh so lovely!
One happy Momma right here!
A fun little hospital surprise from Papa!
My view in the middle of the night... hehe!
and this one too ;)
 Big brother came back to the hospital the next day and ran straight past me and Chris and said "Where's baby Beckham?!" Not gonna lie I shed a few tears!
I thank God for the love he has for him already. They sure are going to be the bestest buddies!
Always protecting him!

FuLl HeArT <3
I just couldn't quit staring at him... for so long you wonder what he's going to look like and then it's always more perfect than you could ever imagine.
Entertaining a tired brother with some DVDs.
Just working on my double chin!! =)

 We headed home on Sunday with this angel baby... The same outfit his brother wore coming home too!

Chris spent the night at home with Grayson Saturday night because I think he was getting a little emotional Daddy & Momma being gone for 2 nights. He didn't want to leave the hospital and was upset so we sent Daddy home for some comfort. He was a little delirious the next day and rolling around all over the hospital.
Can't believe these are all mine! !

They sure love their Daddio!

This is the squeeze he does to him. He has so much love it's like he's going to burst and will put his hands over his head like he's gonna squeeze him but just shakes like he can't get enough of him, haha!
Thank you Lord for my sweet family!

One kiss for the road;)
Thumbs up!! Love it!
Back at Home Sweet Home with my boys! Here's Copper thinking "Oh no, not again!" Haha!
Had to pump a bottle for Grayson to help feed... we had been talking about it for months!
First night at home... he looks quite content!
Here's a few pictures from his first few days!

Not sure if we or Grayson is more in love with his "Beck-a-Roo"?! ;)
"What you talkin' bout Willis?!"

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