Friday, October 24, 2014

September Phone Pics

Our traditional trip to Newks as we head to the hospital to have a baby! We did it with Grayson, it was only right to do it again this time!!

Checking in! We're ready!!

It's really happening...

My biggest supporter... couldn't have done it without him!

Middle of the night snuggles in the hospital... the best!

Grayson & Beckham selfies!


Doing what they do best... wrestling!

It's tough being a big brother!

I love my dark fuzzy headed noggin'!!

Thanks to my cousin, Chris, Grayson could start a band with all of the instruments he got for his birthday!

Daddy on the electric guitar! 

Thanks to the Woodley's for the delicious dinner & awesome brownies! Grayson approved;)

Poor baby did this quite a few nights as Mommy was adjusting to life with 2!

Some people love baby toes or necks but mine is that cute little thigh! Ugh, eat it up!

So tiny!!

We finally got new couches! They were long overdue! (They really aren't small, but Chris sure looks like Elf here, haha!)

Grayson loves them too!!

Sweet angel baby!

Sneaking in the candy dish! Haha, caught ya!!

Preparing for Halloween... my little Spidey!

Shooting his web!

School picture day!! xxoo

It is so hard to get this boy to nap these days, so we now do "quiet time". He can't watch TV or play with toys or talk, haha! He just has to rest and I'll let him lay on me and this is usually what happens;)

One morning I woke up and found these on my phone!

Hehe! I loved my little surprise!

Gentle Grayson, gentle!!

Telling spooky stories! This age is so fun!!

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