Thursday, October 23, 2014

First Weeks as a Family of 4!

Our first couple of weeks as a family of four have been super busy, but filled with much more LoVe! Didn't know I could love any more than I already did, but I sure do!! 

Here Daddy is smitten over his new boy showing him some minions, hehe!

And Grayson teaching him all about his swing and the "lambies" that go round and round!

He looks cozy, but this little one is not really a fan of the swing so far! He likes to be on the couch where he can see everybody!

Grayson is the best helper! He is at such a good age for a new baby. I am thankful!

Nakey snuggle time is the best!!

Baby B was not a fan of the bath the first few times...

Just pitiful ;)

"Petting" his brother...

I found my fingers!

My first check up with Dr. Bubba! 5 days old! I had only lost 5 ounces since birth... woo hoo! I weighed 7lbs 9 oz. and looked great!

We're in this position a lot ;) 

The best brother in the world right here! He wakes up every morning and asks, "Where's baby Beckham?!?" 

Bic Bic & Papa came for a visit!

And Nonna & Pop too :)

Nonna sure loves her newest angel!

Who knows?! Maybe sharing his super powers ;)

Our bestest buddies came for a visit and brought us dinner! Such sweet friends!

We had to get out of the house, so I decided to have craft day in the front yard! We painted pumpkins and made a mold of Beckham's feet and hands!

Working hard!

Love this little dude in his cute paint clothes, haha!

After painting, Mommy and Nonna decided to take these two boogers on a walk. (Note: I was 1 week and 4 days post partum) = Not.A.Good.Idea...

It is so hard to get Grayson to nap these days, so as he started falling asleep in the stroller that "around the block" walk turned into a very long walk. Half way through, I said to my Mom something wasn't right with me. I got home and sat down and kept having the weirdest cramps, but just brushed them off. Well a couple of hours later I was hurting bad and (TMI) went to the bathroom and it looked like I had a baby all over again. Needless to say I called Chris at work and we headed back to the hospital to get checked. I was so scared I had really done something, but they monitored me and pretty much said I just over did it and looked at me like I was crazy for going on a walk this early. So I took a few steps back and put my butt on the couch for a few days! I guess that 6 weeks recovery really is the truth!!

Picnic outside!

He just loves him to death!

It was actually Copper's birthday this day so we tried to have some fun with her! My how times have changed... remember that birthday party I threw for her?! Haha, Cray cray!!

Love this little fuzzy head!

Some kinetic sand fun! He does this for hours!

We also had to make a family tree for school. Grayson (well, Mommy too) enjoyed doing it and it was so fun to get to add Beck-a-Roo!!! =)

Happy Birthday Copper! Maybe you'll get more attention next year ;) We Love You!

One of my first smirks... eat me up!

This is what it looked like trying to just get these kids to go through a drive thru at Starbucks! It took me a few times to get the hang of it, ha!

We were finally off! In our pjs :)

Enjoying the beautiful Fall morning with my babies!

2 week check up! Little chunker weighed 8lbs 9 oz! Dude sure does like to eat!

After bath snuggles are the best! 

He could squeeze him all day!

These two angels both fell asleep on me one night... Chris said he would take Grayson to bed, but I let them stay like this for an hour. It doesn't happen often and it sure was one of the best moments... full heart fo sho!

I rung in the last year of my 20's! It was a simple celebration, but perfect! Chris cooked Filet and I just enjoyed all my babies... what more could I ask for?!


Best birthday present ever! (Oh, and my double BOB... hehe thanks Nonna, Pop, Bic Bic, Papa & Daddy! I can't thank you enough!!)

Nonna helping me celebrate too! Mommy's always make your birthday special! She came with bottle of wine and ice cream cake in hand! hehe :)

Can't wish for much more!!

Such a great birthday! Feel very blessed!

Our friends the Miskel's had a football party!

This guy enjoyed playing with all of his buddies!

Especially his favorite, "Ben Barker!" They are two peas in a pod and it's so cute how much they love each other!

Sweet Jennings!

Kasey looks like a natural;) She always gives me a break at our outings! Thanks friend!

Big brother checking in at Beck's first party! "Can you hang dude?"

Life sure is a lot busier with two, but my heart is over flowing! I feel like the second one has been much easier! Chris & I don't feel like we are clueless and Grayson is the biggest helper! And most of all, I actually know I can do this and I'm much more layed back... thank goodness! It might take me 4 hours to get everything ready to leave the house, but I'm getting the hang of it! God is Good and I am so thankful for our little fam of 4:)

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