Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Punkins in the Patch!

We visited the pumpkin patch close to our house at Emmanuel Church. It is in between our house and Grayson's school so every time I took him or picked him up from school he said "Look at all those pumpkins!!" and wanted to go!

So strong picking up all the big pumpkins!

He picked out 3 little ones for him, Cooper & Ben!

I spy a cute little pumpkin:)


Little punkin head!

I was a little nervous about putting Beckham in Grayson's lap because it wasn't very sturdy, but he did great!

Behind the scenes haha... looks like Beckham is about to go splat!

This was after school and he was done! Look at that face!!

The best I could get with my buddy! Oh well, it was fun and we got a good ole' stash of pumpkins!!

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