Thursday, October 30, 2014

We LoVe Festivals!

I love this time of year because there are so many festivals and fun things to do outside! We didn't get to attend all that we usually do this year since we had a new little bundle of joy, but we did get out and have some fun when we could!

Excited for his first festival!

Agricenter Harvest Fest! It was so fun & all free... so cool!

Grayson loves his popcorn!

and I love my Grayson:)

Hayride with Nonna! He had a blast!!

Cotton candy too! He was in heaven!!

I think it was good stuff ;)

Hey Mom!!

He was so good & just along for the ride (literally, ha!)

We also went to our neighborhood Fall festival at Sea Isle park! He bounced his way through the weekend I do believe... bounce houses everywhere!!

And more cotton candy?! Sure, why not?!:)

His new seat! I guess this means we can have another baby now?! hehehe!!!

He loves animals, especially horses! I love that he's not afraid at all.

"It tickley Daddy!!"

A boy and a firetruck <3

Beck-a-Roo just sat back and relaxed and ate:) Sweet baby!

Love these times with my little family!

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