Saturday, October 25, 2014


So I've decided since Beckham will get his own monthly updates Grayson deserves some too! He sure says enough funny things to keep record of! Haha! 

*Graysonisms of September: (love this little HAM!) :)

-Whenever we tell him to do something his response is "I yi Captain!" haha! It's kinda cute!
-If he doesn't want something his response is, "No thanks, I'm good!" ;)
-He thinks Beckham came out of my belly button a.k.a. "the tunnel" hehe! I love it!
-Whenever Daddy gets mad or frustrated about something Grayson says "Daddy's nervous!" Haha! It makes us laugh so hard and we just agree;)
-Usually while driving I'll get annoyed and go "Ughh!!" He always proceeds to tell me to "Chill out & relax!!" Wonder where he gets that from... oops!
-He now knows his left from right (Thank you Daddy!) But earlier this month he would put on his right shoe & then his "wrong" shoe! So cute!
-If I get excited about a fun sign we see or a toy or something big and I say something like "Look Grayson it's a monster!" He tells me, "Mom, it's just a statue!" LOL, he's well beyond his years!
-If I tell him to do something and he doesn't want to he tells me "That's ridiculous!"
-And if he's up to no good and I catch him doing something he tells me to go back in there and play with Beckham! 
Haha! My little stinker:)

Just a few updates...
-You weigh about 32 lbs.
-You are about 37 inches
-You are such a sweet boy and tell Mommy & Daddy 20 times a day "I love you so berry much!"
-You have an old soul like your Daddy... some of your favorite shows are old school cartoons that don't even have words. Your favorite is Tom & Jerry!
-You are so excited about Christmas! You talk about it daily, but always remind me it's not Christmas, "It's just October!" This year is going to be so fun!
-You love school & your best friends are R.J. & JoJo! You tell me almost everyday when I pick you up that you didn't have to go to the office. Ha, I'm so glad:)
-You are more fun & loving than ever! I love your sweet little soul :) You always want everyone to be happy and little do you know how happy you make us!

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