Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's FALL Y'all!

I am so glad Fall is finally here! It took long enough! It's one of my favorite times of the year!!

Here is Beckers taking his first nap in his crib! We had football going really loud so I figured the boy deserved some peace & quiet! (He doesn't get it much!!)

He's gonna kill me one day! hehehe ;)

Pumpkin "Jelly Toast!" A Grayson favorite!

Coloring Paw Patrol sheets!

And we're still obsessed with Jake!

I never used these with Grayson, but now I have a lot more to do this time around. These wraps sure come in handy!!

Foozball outside with Daddy!


Nice relaxing Saturday!
Beckham is so content when he's outside!

Diggin' in the sand... far from the beach, ha!

Kid loves sticks!

Always checking on his brother! Love that they are both looking at each other! Best Buds!! :)

Snack Day for school! We love getting to make fun treats for his class!

My little helper... he loves to cook!

I promise I caught the spoon before it went in his mouth, haha!

The finished product... Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

And Ghost Bananas to make it a little healthier!

Ready to share with his friends!!

More festive fun during Nonna's Fall Break!

Before school one day!

Love his sweet smirk ;)

While Gray was at school Nonna, Mommy & Beckham got out for some fun!

He was such an angel the whole time and just snoozed! Thanks for the down time Beckham!

First stop Babalu in Midtown for a "Babarita!" Nom nom :)

Then mani & pedi's! Thank you Nonna:) It was a great & much needed day out!

The next day we headed to the Zoo for some more fun! It was a gorgeous day!!

First things first, Ninja Turtle or as Grayson says "Engine Turtle" Ice cream!

Grayson wore this same outfit his first trip to the Zoo too!

Our first time feeding the giraffes!

He jumped back like this every time! It was so funny!

He loved it though! Look how close his tongue is ahh!!

We'll definitely be doing this again soon!

We always have to ride the carousel and we always ride the tiger or cheetah :)

Mommy rode too! He thought it was so funny!

Every time we pass a bench or a log he does this! haha! Cat nap!

We sure had a fun Fall Break with our Nonna!!

It was so fun that they had all of the Halloween decorations out!

And some tub time for this cutie!

He likes it a lot more now! Thank goodness!

He wanted to lick the entire cake when we made it, but I wouldn't let him! So before we threw it away I let him go to town :)

Our Fall decor! Grayson decided to bring out his mic and have a little festival!

The best fall fest I've ever been to for sure!

With a corn eating contest too! haha!

We also did some festive crafts for the grandparents! I was going to do Beckham's foot, but I decided I wouldn't put him through that yet! haha!

We went to the Rainbow Lake park at Overton Park for the first time! It was so cool and we will definitely go back! Love these pictures I caught of him on this rock...

My little GQ model ;)

I'm so thankful he is always so good when we are out and about. It gives me some one on one time with Grayson that is much needed! Thanks Beck-a-Roo you are an angel!!

Loving Fall with these two!!

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